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Financial Help For Poor Families

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  • VOLUNTEER– You can volunteer as a blog writer, book drive, or read-aloud volunteer.
  • A Blog Writer Volunteer; this is a person with an excellent writing skills and void of grammar and spelling errors. This person must be passionate about reading and writing and wants to contribute to the rebuilding of the reading culture in Africa.
  • A Book Drive Volunteer– This person collects books to be given to schools and libraries. This person collects books from donors, schools and international organizations to be given to schools in rural areas, Internally Displaced person’s Camps (IDP) and orphanages. The books should be suitable for the following age ranges:

0-5yrs, 6-10yrs old, 11-14 years old

-The books should be in good condition with no torn, scribbled or ripped pages

– With no scary themes of witches, wizards and pornographies among others

– With no war themes

READ ALOUD VOLUNTEERS– The read aloud volunteer is a person whose work is to read books to children in IDP camps, orphanages, hospitals, playgroups or child care centres. This can be with a large group or one-on-one. You can do some other learning activities such as playing games and singing rhymes to stimulate reading skills in children. You can volunteer for a period of 1-2 months or a school term.


our main goals

We provide training for teachers on the pedagogies of reading development in the early grades; thereafter we provide effective instructional materials for both teachers and learners.


join together for charity

We believe that the economic empowerment of many people depends on their literacy capacity


Let Shape Tomorrow Together

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